Will conservative media seek to empower the individual American, whatever the color, gender or ethnicity?

One of the unexpected outcomes of President Barack Obama’s election victory, which was reasonably predictable, is that conservative media is in turmoil.

That level of divergence could imperil the effectiveness of conservative opinion during the next series of critical news cycles when media will influence public opinion and the shape of policies addressing the fiscal cliff.


POLTICO.COM  in a post by Dylan Byers surveys the divergent views of conservatives on how right leaning media cost the GOP the Presidential Election. READ MORE: “Media fight on the right over GOP,” LINK: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1112/83679.html


Whatever conservative media did or failed to do, Mike Huckabee has delivered the salient message conservatives need to dwell on going forward:

“Our problem isn’t the product, it’s the box we put it in. Our message should not be ‘tailored’ to a specific demographic group, but presented to empower the individual American, whatever the color, gender or ethnicity.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1112/83679_Page4.html#ixzz2BvucjiWM


Does conservative media have the will to lean forward?

Will conservative media adopt Mike Huckabee’s admonition, and seek  to empower the individual American, whatever the color, gender or ethnicity?

ELECTION 2012: Is Romney Getting Buried in “A Devastating Opinion Storm” Generated by YouTube Views of New Media?

Hugh Hewitt, a lawyer, blogger, political pundit and commentator is not convinced by polls showing that President Barack Obama is leading Governor Mitt Romney. In his popular Blog, Hewitt slammed the polls, and then exclaimed:

So with 40 days to go until the decision is in, that’s the playing field: A tied race, with enthusiasm on the GOP side but grim self-interest propping up a disconnected president while the world burns, the domestic economy crumbles, and elite media and select pollsters cheer the emperor they love and on whom they depend for treats.

Interesting. Frightening, but interesting.

LINK: http://www.hughhewitt.com/blog/g/bbda2e0c-ca90-43f2-8473-5458a8af7d69

But, in his best-selling book: BLOG-Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your Word, AMAZON.COM LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Blog-Understanding-Information-Reformation-Changing/dp/078521187X , in which he writes extensively about new media and the impact of blogging on the coverage of politics by mainstream media, Hewitt expresses a salient and powerful notion: “the impact of a devastating opinion storm generated by a blog swarm,” and how the generation of that opinion storm in new media can push or even trump mainstream political media coverage.

Can the aggregation of YouTube views have the same force as a blog swarm? In other words, are there certain trends in those views which can generate “a devastating opinion storm?”

The recently compilation of the YouTube viewing data of the  videonclips from the Presidential campaigns certainly suggest the possibility.

Charlie Warzel, adweek.com, writes as follows:

The 2012 conventions have been arguably the most important political moment thus far in the campaign and according to a study from the Pew center for excellence in journalism, Democrats enjoyed a hearty advantage in terms of exposure on platforms like YouTube. The results, which tracked total numbers of YouTube views from date of publish until September 24th, illustrate that Clint Eastwood’s empty chair performance well-overshadowed Mitt Romney’s big moment last August, pulling in 3.2 million views to Romney’s 1.05 million.

xx xx xx

[W]hat the numbers do help illustrate, however, is that the Romney camp has had serious difficulties capitalizing on a crucial moment of visibility for the candidate. YouTube may be one element of the vote, but as the views were compiled over a month, it is indicative of the limited exposure that Romney is generating online. In a time where the Republican nominee needs to familiarize as many voters with his ‘brand’ as he can, he seems to be falling short, digitally at least.

SOURCE: LINK: Read More: Click: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/clint-rocks-mitt-democrats-dominate-youtube-convention-wars-144068


The Pew Research Center provided the following data:

The higher interest in Obama and the Democrats in social media is also reflected in the viewership of videos since the two conventions. For instance, through September 21, 2012, Obama’s acceptance speech on various YouTube channels has been viewed nearly five times as often as Romney’s (4.9 million to 1.1 million). And contrary to what some observers might speculate, Obama’s speech has also been viewed more than former President Bill Clinton’s address to the nation, though that speech, in various forms, has been viewed on YouTube nearly four times as often as Romney (3.9 million times to Romney’s 1.1 million). The same pattern can be seen in the numbers as they relate to the wives of the candidates. Michelle Obama’s speech has been viewed 3.2 million times, about five times as often as the one delivered by Ann Romney (563,000).

Pew Research Chart

SOURCE: LINK: Read More: Click: http://www.journalism.org/commentary_backgrounder/how_social_and_traditional_media_differ_their_treatment_conventions_and_beyo



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ROMNEY: Would an African American female running mate push Mitt Romney’s candidacy over the top?


Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney ...

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Could Mitt Romney win the “race to the top” if he names an African American female to his ticket as vice president?

Jessika Morgan, in “Black Female GOP Possibilities May Exist for Romney Running Mate,” wrote the following:

Women are being considered as possible candidates to run with Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on the November ballot, the GOP candidate’s wife said July 5.

“We’ve been looking at that,” Ann Romney told CBS News in an interview. “There’s a lot of people Mitt is considering right now.”

She declined to say more about the list of possible vice president candidates to be paired with the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, other than to note that, as the former Massachusetts governor’s wife, she has offered advice in the selection process and would “love that option” of a female running mate.

Among the Black Republican women who could be added to a list of women running mate possibilities are former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll.

Rice, the subject of speculation in June, rejected the idea. And while Carroll, a Navy veteran and the first woman elected to statewide office in Florida has been silent, political journalists see Carroll as a possible aid to a Romney candidacy.

SOURCE: AFRO AMERICAN NEWSPAPER LINK: http://www.afro.com/sections/news/afro_briefs/story.htm?storyid=75525

Could an African American running mate aid Romney’s candidacy?

What do you think?

Your comments are welcomed.

MORGAN FREEMAN: Obama is not the first black president?; well, you were not the first black actor to play president yourself!


Maybe Morgan Freeman was pandering for media attention and Internet clicks with his comment that President Barack Obama is not really America’s first African American or black President. According to Freeman, President Obama is America’s first mixed-race President. SOURCE: YAHOO’S MOVIES LINK: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/morgan-freeman-obama-not-americas-first-black-president-152604131.html

Freeman, of course, who is presumably African American himself, portrayed a president in “Deep Impact” the 1998 film release of Paramount and Dream Works. SOURCE: IMDb LINK: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120647/

The film was very profitable. It grossed $180 Million on a production budget of $75 Million. So everybody including Freeman made some pocket change from his fictitious portrayal of the President.

And, presumably, this is what Freeman and his handlers were seeking by having him take a swipe at President Obama. Afterall, every click counts!

Thankfully, Freeman was not the first African American actor to portray the President. That credit goes to Sammy Davis, Jr. in the 1933 release of  “Rufus Jones for President.” SOURCE: WIKI LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_president_in_popular_culture_(United_States) A number of other actors also preceded Freeman in the role.

So Mr. Freeman, while your sop about President Obama borders on nonsense, at least it made us do some work and dig up some pop culture and history.

75 years after

Cover of "Deep Impact (Special Collector'...

Cover via Amazon

a black president emanated from the mind of a creative film writer, fiction became reality. America did indeed elect its first black president.

POLITICAL MEDIA: Calling the definitive political balls and strikes and influencing the public’s opinion in this emerging and developing era of new media

The Lead

Our conversation centers on the realities and dynamics of news, coverage and commentary in politics, and the influence of political media on the public’s opinion in this era of new media.


This article was inspired by a piece on Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, the newly minted weekend host on MSNBC, and her clear frustration with how the media covers politics.

During her Sunday show, Harris-Perry discussed what she called “a dirty little secret” that those who cover “horse-race politics” like to keep under wraps. “We are suffering from premature speculation,” Harris-Perry said.

The 2012 Republican primary race has taken many sharp twists and turns. Harris-Perry showed headlines from leading news organizations that reflected the Republican primary’s constant change of course. Headlines read “Herman Cain, Frontrunner,” to “Another Poll Confirms Trump As Republican Frontrunner,” to “Ingraham: Perry Should Drop Out.”

“Headlines like these…expose the media for its secret wish to skip the foreplay and get right to the main event,” Harris-Perry said. “And it’s all left me very frustrated.”

SOURCE: Melissa Harris-Perry: The Media Suffers From ‘Premature Speculation’ (VIDEO) HUFFINGTON POST

Our Take

Mainstream media is doing its job as best it can in this new area of media the dynamics of which are changing nearly every news cycle of the week because of the impact of digital technology, blogging and the 24 hour news cycle.

There was a time when the media took the lead in shaping policy and influencing the public’s opinion. Thus, for example, when some of the giants of the media such as David Brinkley or Mike Wallace or Tom Brokaw aired a story and articulated a viewpoint, that view had some shelf life. It influenced the coverage of political news for several weeks, and over time influenced opinions, policy decisions and outcomes in political contests.

But, the good old days of political media and its influence in shaping public opinion are gone.

Today, a Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry can air a scholarly commentary on an important issue of public policy or a significant development in politics, and within minutes it can be shredded, and then lost forever in the court of public opinion. An attack can be mounted in minutes by bloggers; disseminated worldwide on the Internet within a few more minutes, and by the time of the talk shows on radio, TV and the Internet within hours on the same morning, afternoon and evening of the news cycle, be distorted and discredited.

So, Dr. Harris-Perry, we understand your frustration. But, the playing field and dynamics of political media have changed dramatically.

To be credible, informative and sustainable in today’s environment as a political analyst and commentator, you and others in the media will have to call the balls and strikes well before you step up to the plate, and well before you would have done so before the evolution of digital technology.

“And, that’s the way it is.”

MEDIA: has MSNBC lost its edge in its nighttime political coverage; will it have significant influence in election 2012?


Has MSNBC lost its edge in its nighttime political coverage?

In view of recent poll results, will MSNBC have significant influence in Election 2012?

Media (Quote)

It’s certainly obvious in Iowa that candidates are investing a lot more time in television interviews than they are on the campaign trail. It’s a safe bet: a recent New York Times/CBS News poll of likely Iowa Republican caucus participants showed that 37 percent said they get most of their information from Fox News, that’s compared with 27 percent who cited broadcast news and a mere 2 percent who said they relied on MSNBC.

Source:  Allessandra Stanley, “The Republican Primary Campaign in Iowa Is Right at Home on Fox News,” THE NEW YORK TIMES

MJB’s Take

It’s hard to imagine that the suits at MSNBC are taking the poll results well. The implications of  MSNBC having diminished influence in Election 2012 could be staggering.

Obviously, the only game in town for mainstream media coverage now on the Presidential political calendar is the ongoing GOP primary election season. Because of its conservative tilt, FOX News would be expected to have a slightly higher viewership and ratings advantage when it comes to general media coverage of national politics and the GOP.

But, one would think that because the choice of the Republican nominee for President is a matter of real public concern and interest,  a larger percentage of people would be watching the commentaries on MSNBC if for no other reason than to hear and consider opposing viewpoints about the GOP candidates, and their positions on national issues.

The numbers for the reception of broadcast news seem to be good. However, broadcast news is not as pointed, engaging, opinionated, informative and influential as cable news.

MSNBC has an all-star line-up of nighttime talk TV talent hosting the programs from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. including Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow. They are supported by diverse groups of commentators and contributors. The hosts and many of the commentators and contributors have been aggressive in criticizing the GOP candidates and their positions on issues. Those contrary viewpoints, of course,  add measurably to the body of information viewers and voters should be considering from now until general election day 2012.

The poll numbers for MSNBC were unusually weak. The fact that they were so lacking should be ringing bells and whistles loudly in the executive suites of MSNBC.

If MSNBC expects to boost viewership and have a significant measure of influence in the outcomes of the national elections, then major changes in its nighttime cable programming are warranted.

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Your comments are welcomed!

CAIN: ain’t no more Herman Cain for political media to beat on


Herman Cain has suspended his campaign.

By devoting extensive coverage seeking to humiliate Cain and to derail his candidacy, mainstream political media lost its way. It utterly failed  its fundamental role in American presidential politics to stay focused, and to adequately inform the American people about the issues of national concern on the business and affairs of the country, the presidency, and the Presidential candidates in the GOP race for the Republican nomination.

Media (Quote):

After Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign, other Republican presidential hopefuls praised him for energizing conservative voters and wished him well.

Source:  Danny Yadron, “Former Rivals Praise Herman Cain,” WSJ WASHINGTON WIRE BLOG


Please take a moment and reflect.

If you wish to comment, that would be appreciated. But if not, please just take a moment and think.

Set aside the fact that Herman Cain is a Republican, that he is black and that he is conservative. Just reflect that up to now, he was a candidate in America for the GOP nomination to run for President in Election 2012.

Whether you agreed or disagreed with his philosophy, viewpoints and politics; whether you would have voted for him or not; Herman had every right as an American citizen to enter upon the playing field; to compete in the game of Presidential politics with Mitt, Rick, Newt, Jon, Michelle and Ron and whoever else seeking to run for President; and, to engage in conversations about the business and affairs of the nation.

This is still the United States of America.

Every qualified man and woman still has an unfettered right under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, to enter the race; to say whatever he or she wants to say; and, to do of course within reason whatever he or she wants to do to run for office; get his or her message out to the voters and seek the wins needed in the upcoming primary elections for GOP candidates who want to secure the nomination of the Republican Party, and run against Barack Obama in Election 2012 for President of the United States of America.

Whether Herman had $10 in the bank, or $10 Million, that was his fundamental right. And, it was taken from him.


Not by the well-informed decision-making of voters at the ballot box.

But, essentially by the personal decisions of reporters, analysts, commentators, contributors, writers, editors and others in political media hot to trot about generating a torrent of media coverage concerning sex stories from three unhappy and unimportant women in the business and affairs of the nation anxious to tell their alleged stories from years gone by, but could never adequately explain why they wanted to tell their stories in the first place.

Who really cares, and in reality what difference should it have made to the state of the union and the presidency, what happened 14 years ago to the former National Restaurant Association staff employee who settled her claim, got paid, got another job, made another sexual harassment complaint and at least until one month ago was moving on with her life and career?

Who really cares, and in reality what difference should it have made to the state of the union and the presidency, what happened to the former applicant for a job at the NRA who did nothing and said nothing for all these years about an alleged sexual assault which took place 13 years ago?

Who really cares, and in reality what difference should it have made to the state of the union and the presidency, what allegedly has happening for 13 years  with a consenting women who allegedly was involved a love affair?

Mainstream political media should have been disciplined and stayed focused on the issues affecting the state of the union by keeping Americans informed about those issues and the positions of the GOP candidates on those issues. Just about every media outlet in the nation, however, got off mission,  went rogue, and wasted tons of ink and air time on what amounted to tabloid trivia.

It was mainstream political media coverage in prime time, to use the words of Ron Paul from another context: “beneath the office of the presidency.”

That’s our take, what’s yours?

MEDIA: Election 2012 & national politics-transformation of political media into a feature presentation of the entertainment industry


In mainstream political media , is “GOP” a brand?

Media (Quote)

We’re waiting for The Donald to bellow his signature “You’re fired!” at one of the candidates.

Donald Trump will moderate a Dec. 27 debate with Republican candidates in Des Moines, Iowa, debate sponsors Newsmax and ION Television announced Friday.

The real estate, reality TV and Republican Party star, who had a short turn on the GOP primary stage earlier this year, is certain to add some spice to the debate format.

Source:   Mary Lu Carnevale, “Donald Trump to Moderate Dec. 27 Debate With GOP Candidates,”              WSJ WASHINGTON WIRE

The Questions

With the broadcast of Donald Trump hosting the next GOP debate, is national politics emerging to become nothing more than just another feature presentation of the entertainment industry?

Will TV reality stars begin to replace journalists as the “stars” in political entertainment?

Are we witnessing a trans formative moment in the evolution of political media?

Is that emerging development healthy for the future of America’s politics?

Does the GOP even have a candidate with the movie star qualities of President Barack Obama?

MEDIA: FOX News has become mainstream media central for the GOP in politics

Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, does a show on how FOX News has become virtually The GOP/Murdoch Primary for Republican aspirants to the Presidency.

See VIDEO: 12-02 Fox News: The GOP/Murdoch Primary, in the Sidebar under MJB News VIDEOS.

Is FOX News now mainstream media central for the GOP in the nation’s politics?

Also Read:  Gaius Publius, “Maddow on “Winning the Murdoch Primary,’” AMERICABLOG.COM

OBAMA: Chris Matthews-thrill is gone: are liberals concerned about President Barack Obama?

Chris Matthews at presidential debate in Dearb...

Image via Wikipedia

Are liberals [really] concerned about President Barack Obama?


Source: See, “Thrill is Gone,” VIDEO, uploaded in News Videos, Sidebar, in which MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews sounds off!


Is the “thrill [really] gone?”

Or, is the commentary by Chris Matthews, a high profile MSNBC media personality, intended as a strategic diversion to deflect attention and media coverage away from the coverage of Newt Gingrich and the GOP contest?

GINGRICH: Newt Gingrich: the GOP candidate of the moment; can Newt break away from the pack and take the GOP nomination?

Lead In

The GOP Presidential candidate of the week, of course, by virtue of the scope and volume of political media coverage without doubt is Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives.

Newt surged in the polls this week. That raises the question whether is he is now positioned to break away from the pack, and to take the GOP nomination for President?

Newt’s surge came about just in time to capture and dominate the media coverage this weekend on the Sunday Talk TV Shows. The hosts were interviewed by POLITICO on VIDEO this week to talk about and share their views about Newt and likely success of his candidacy.  That VIDEO is uploaded under MJB News VIDEOS, Sidebar, Title: “11-18: NEWT Rises-Sunday TV hosts talk about it.”

His surge also is in time for the CNN GOP Debate scheduled next week on 11-22-11, one day before the anniversary of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The Debate will focus on national security and the economy.

And, in the segment of the Journal Editorial Report TV show entitled: “Is Newt the Real Deal?” a panel of journalists from the Wall Street Journal have a lively roundtable discussion about Newt and his candidacy. The show is a featured program of FOX News. The VIDEO of that panel discussion is uploaded under  MJB News VIDEOS, Sidebar, Title: “Newt’s Poll Numbers Surge.”

The media coverage in the coming news cycle for next week is likely to be intense, something that Newt is well aware of and is likely to play into.

MJB’s collaborative partner, X9TV, uploaded in the first module on its site a FOX News VIDEO featuring a 6 minute clip of a FOX News Watch panel  talking about media bias and coverage with respect the Newt’s campaign. See VIDEO: at  X9TV.COM   Also click:  tab for X9TV on the Menu Bar of this Blog.

Media Quote

Newt Gingrich calls it giving advice. Most people would call it cashing in on his prominent name.

The former House speaker has raked in millions of dollars since leaving office more than a decade ago. Now as a rising GOP presidential candidate he’s facing renewed scrutiny of the intricate network of consulting firms, advocacy organizations and other businesses that, taken together, some have called Newt Inc.

“I do no lobbying of any kind. I never have. A very important point I want to make. I have never done lobbying of any kind,” Gingrich told Fox News Channel this week, defending himself over questions about his time since he left the speaker’s office under a political cloud in January 1999.


MJB’s Take

Newt Gingrich is now taking his turn being in the limelight as the putative front-runner for the GOP Presidential nomination. And, it seems that unlike the other contenders, including Mitt Romney, he’s ready for it, but more importantly, he relishes it.

Newt knows that his government affairs work as a “strategist” will be controversial.

The difference between a lobbyist and a strategist for most voters is a distinction without significance. As far as the court of public opinion is concerned, Newt is no more and no less than a high paid lobbyist who became rich by exploiting the honor and prestige of high office, Speaker of the House, to line his pocket with millions of dollars, irrespective of the history lessons and other consultations on politics and policy he has provided to clients.

Controversy fuels media coverage. And, it is that coverage which draws interest, which Newt is getting in spades, and attracts viewers, political money and votes. Newt loves it.

So he’s getting all the ego stoking attention he wants. If his calculations and projections are correct, in the end he will be the only GOP Presidential candidate having an image of a take charge leader who can assume the reigns of leadership as President on day one.

Newt has packaged himself as a “true conservative.” That’s music to the ears of the multi-billionaire conservatives who are prepared to unleash a torrent of political money, in the billions of dollars, to fund and fuel his campaign for President.

As for now, it’s clear that Newt may be the only true conservative who has the potential of breaking away from Romney and the other contenders, and then dominate and lead the field until the Republican National Convention to take the nomination for President.

That’s our take on it.

Leave a comment, and let us know what you think.

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CAIN: Mrs. Gloria Cain will speak on the record; FOX debut scheduled; the lid is about to blow again in the media


The Lead

Well folks, I thought things had quieted down a bit for Herman Cain, his campaign and The Fourth Estate, mainstream political media

Now that his lovely wife, Gloria Etchison Cain, will do a FOX News interview, in a segment to air Monday, it is likely that the sparks will start flying again at Cain in the media. This event certainly will be a pivotal moment for Cain’s political campaign and his aspirations for The White House. It could either make him. or break him. There will be no wiggle room for Cain after Monday.

For The New York Times, in her article entitled: “Herman Cain’s Wife Plans to Sit Down for a Television Interview,” Susan Saulny writes (quotes):

“Introducing … Gloria Etchison Cain”

Mrs. Gloria E. Cain

Mrs. Gloria E. Cain

At long last, the political spouse who has kept the lowest profile of the campaign season is preparing to make a network debut. Mrs. Cain, who has been married to the former restaurant executive Herman Cain for 43 years, is expected to sit down this weekend with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, for a segment that could air on Monday, according to a source familiar with the planning.

Mrs. Cain has, to date, not appeared on the campaign trail with her husband, and is said to prefer her home life in Atlanta, far away from the national spotlight. But since allegations of sexual harassment began to engulf the Cain campaign almost two weeks ago, it had been rumored that Mrs. Cain would eventually come to her husband’s defense on television.

Source of Quotes + Image: THE NEW YORK TIMES

MJB’s Take 

“At long last,” this is some of “the news that’s fit to print” about a significant event in the coverage on the road to the White House and related to the process for the GOP Presidential nomination. The NYT article is well done.

Whatever mainstream media planned for the weekend political coverage will be sliced and diced. The “A Team” of media talent probably will be front and center do talk about this development.

Unquestionably, this is Cains’ weekend, for both Mr. and Mrs.; and, all hands will be on deck by every one in media in covering it.

I plan to be glued to the TV, radio and laptop screen so that I can pick up every bit and piece of coverage I can find because this is Cain’s moment. The reports, stories, commentaries, opinions and attack pieces will be flying out the door as fast as the stuff can be can be generated, published, clicked and aired. The videos and images of her interview are certain to go viral.

Mrs. Cain’s interview; all the staging which takes place in the media before her interview airs; the broadcast of the interview itself; and, all the coverage which follows will roll out in grand fashion. It will either make Cain, or break him-he’ll be heading either to The White House, or to his home in Atlanta.

This is every bit the real deal in high political drama! Stay tuned!

That’s all I can say for now.

End Notes

Visit the MJB site often, comment on the posts, reply to the comments and keep the conversation going!

Link us to your Blog, and we’ll link yours to ours; drop a comment about the link on the About Us page.

Also visit the “X9 TV” page, and follow the link on the page.

Generally, we will reply to all comments received.

Scandal still pays well; any bids out there for the stories of Cain’s accusers?

The great American past time, scandal, still pays and pays well.

Take for example Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of man-slaughtering Michael Jackson. Murray apparently took in $300,000.00 to tell his story,

The Conrad Murray documentary Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship is set to air tonight on MSNBC. Murray was allegedly paid $300,000 by NBCU to appear in the film. According to Radar Online, none of that money will go to Murray himself. Most of it is for his lawyers and some will go to his girlfriend.

Source of Quote: Matthew Fleischer, “NBCUniversal, MSNBC and Other Media Outlets Sued by Conrad Murray Creditors,” MEDIABISTRO.COM.

Karen Kraushaar and Sharon Bialek, and perhaps others, are on the sidelines for the moment. They want to host a “joint press conference” of Herman Cain’s accusers so that they can present what they call their “Body of Evidence” about  allegations of Cain’s sexual misconduct. But, they don’t want to meet the press now.

> Why the wait?

> Could there be a bidding war going on behind closed doors by various media organizations for exclusive rights to their stories?

> Is America on hold until they net the highest bid?

After all it will take a boat load of money to pay their lawyer bills if they get sued!

> And, what is the fair market value for “The Girls of the NRA” to tell their stories yet again if it is the case that a bidding war is taking place?

Conrad Murray’s story fetched $300,000.00. I don’t even want to speculate how many more zeros they could get especially if there are on the stage together when they tell their stories again

Of course, they may not want any money at all. That’s what they have said so far.

They simply may want another chance to fullfill what they feel is their public duty to present their stories again to the American people.

Maybe America will listen the next time around, and knock Herman Cain out of the GOP nomination sweepstakes for President.

Who knows? We’ll wait and see!

Cain accuser wants a joint press conference; a “Body of Evidence” drama in real time

Madonna: she starred in a steamy erotic thriller: “Body of Evidence.”

Karen Kraushaar: she is the second Herman Cain harassment accuser to go public.

Kraushaar, a director of communications, called for a joint press conference for all the accusers so that, as she coined the phrase: ”all of these allegations could be reviewed as a collective body of evidence.”

Really-a collective “body of evidence?”

Curious: Did Kraushaar coin a sound bite for her going public press conference for the purpose of alluding to Madonna’s movie?

Roland Martin Reports (quote):

Karen Kraushaar, 55, an employee with the Treasury Department’s inspector general office, said she never wanted her name to be made public as one of Cain’s accusers. But a news organization published her name Tuesday and she now says she is ready to go before cameras.


Martin included a quote by Kraushaar that she wants a “joint press conference” for all of Cain’s accusers:

“I am interested in a joint press conference for all the women where we would all be together with our attorneys and all of these allegations could be reviewed as a collective body of evidence,” Kraushaar told The Washington Post.

Source of Quote: James V. Grimaldi, “Karen Kraushaar now wants to go public with other women with allegations against Herman Cain,”   THE WASHINGTON POST

 MJB’s Take

> The notion that all of Cain’s accusers will be center stage in front of the TV cameras and the media, to tell their stories at a “joint press conference” sound like a script for the high drama stuff in film and on reality TV.
> But what readers may not realize is that Kraushaar’s choice of words may not have been just conversation. Kraushaar, who has a graduate degree in communications, and who works as a communications director, may have used “collective body of evidence” intentionally picking up the title of a controversial movie starring Madonna: “Body of Evidence.”
> Madonna’s movie was not just some run of the mill flick. As noted by WIKIPEDIA: 
Body of Evidence is a 1993 erotic thriller produced by Dino De Laurentiis and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was directed by Uli Edel and stars Madonna and Willem Dafoe, with Joe MantegnaAnne ArcherJulianne Moore and Jürgen Prochnow in supporting roles.
> Kraushaar’s words, “body of evidence,” were expressed in the context of suggesting that the highly publicized sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain be retold again at a joint press conference. It may not be coincidental that her words allude to a controversial film starring Madonna, an erotic thriller, the plot of which is described by WIKIPEDIA as follows:
 An older man, Andrew Marsh, is seen viewing a homemade pornographic tape. It is later revealed the man died from complications stemming from erotic asphyxiation. The main suspect is the woman having sex with Marsh in the film, Rebecca Carlson (Madonna), who after being charged with murder is represented by lawyer Frank Dulaney (Willem Dafoe).
> Political media characterizes Herman Cain’s campaign as an “art project.”
> Is this business about a joint press conference for all the accusers, so that the sexual harassment allegations are viewed in the court of public opinion as, in the words of Kraushaar, a collective body of evidence, a well scripted “art project,” that is, a tactical political attack dramatizing the allegations so as to invite comments by political media, hopefully with allusions to the steamy movie, an erotic thriller, in order to destroy Cain’s character and influence voters to reject his candidacy?
> Oh no, that can’t be so!!
> And, who devised this political strategy-the accuser, her lawyer, a media organization or a competitor?

Cain: Accuser No. 4 news conference coverage bags over over 24T comments from Huff Post online community

Huff Post Headline 

Sharon Bialek, Herman Cain Accuser, Speaks Alongside Attorney Gloria Allred At Press Conference (VIDEO)

See VIDEO: Linked in Huff Post: Uploaded in Sidebar.

Huff Post Article (quote):

Bialek said the alleged incident in question occurred down the street from the NRA headquarters. Describing what happened, she said, “Instead of going into the offices, he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg, up my skirt, and towards my genitals.” She recalled that when she protested the advances, Cain said, “You want a job, right?”

Bialek alleged that Cain also “grabbed [her] head and brought it towards his crotch.” She said that she was “shocked” by the behavior.


MJB’s Take

> An accuser has come forward, and has spoken at a press conference. Of ourse, she will make the rounds of the morning Talk TV shows.

> Has the saga now become a turning point in Herman Cain’s campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination?

> Will the coverage influence a sharp dron for Cain in the polls?

> Can Cain win the Iowa Primary?

> Or, is he done?

Cain saga continues: Accuser No. 4 goes public, celebrity lawyer, news conference and all

Well, well, well-over the last 14 years, and for the last two weeks when the accusations initially broke and generated a tsunami of online buzz and mainstream coverage by political media, who knew other than the purported accuser, and when did they know, about the alleged incident?

If it was known, then it’s odd that it took so long for the accusations to go public, and to go public now!

Round 4: In a made for TV televised news conference, celebrity lawyer and all, accuser No. 4 goes public with her sexual harassment, and for this round + sexual assault, accusations against Herman Cain.

Michael D. Shear and Trip Gabriel, “Accuser Details  Lewd Behavior by Cain,” in THE CAUCUS, the politics and government blog on nytimes.com, write (quote):

A Chicago woman alleged on Monday that Herman Cain grabbed her in a sexually aggressive way when she sought his help after losing her job at the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s.

Sharon Bialek, accompanied by the celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, became the first woman to publicly accuse the presidential candidate of sexual harassment, saying that she wants to “give a voice” to other women who might have been harassed by Mr. Cain during his tenure at the association.

“I want you, Mr. Cain, to come clean,” Ms. Bialek, who said she was a Republican, told a packed news conference in New York City’s Friar Club. “Just admit what you did. Admit you were inappropriate to people, and then move forward.”

Text of Caucus Reader’s Comment

One of the readers, in Comment No. 14, reacted (quote):

By: Planet Earth

November 7th, 2011

3:13 pm

If all Sharon Bialek wants is for Herman Cain to “come clean”, than why is she hiring Gloria Allred….a worse opportunist than Alfred Sharpton. 

The media should be asking Bialek why she was fired, and why did she return to “seek employment”. I think she only returned to seek retribution by making things up. Now she just wants a book deal.

Source of Quotes: THE CAUCUS BLOG 

MJB’s Take

> To borrow a line: If it’s hard to believe, .  .  . then it’s unbelievable!” Read James LeBeau

> We’re now into week three with this stuff, so the Cain saga continues!

> What’s Next:  Next week, will the accusations move up a notch or two?


High Tech Lynching web ad launched hitting Cain’s coverage by political media-will media strike back?

Cain’s Train 11/3

Rolling into what’s bound to be a hot bed of media coverage this weekend Sunday 11/6, on all the major morning TV Talk shows, where sexual harassment accusations, the Herman Cain campaign and the state of the GOP primary elections are bound to be among the hot issues of the conversations and debates on TV Talk, an independent political advocacy PAC launched a hot political ad on 11/3: “HIGH TECH LYNCHING” on YouTube featuring, of course, Herman Cain!

Train’s Moving Target: It hits the coverage Cain got from the mainstream political media.

Our Reaction: It’s smokin’!

And, It’s No Denying:  “If It’s Sunday [i.e., 11/6], It’s [Herman Cain]“

Likely Impact:  A surge of media covergage may roll into next week too!

Read Also:  Jim Geraghty, New TV Ad for Cain: ‘A High-Tech Lynching’  posted on nationalreviewonline.con who writes (11/4):

[T]he plan is to get on TV in Iowa next week with it [and] drop about a million calls into Iowa and Nevada starting tomorrow with the same message.

This is from Americans for Herman Cain, which has “established a non-connected political committee that is established and registered with the Federal Election Commission. * * *

Hotter Than Hot!!
Our Double Take: Think the ad is hot, click the link for the article on the comments made by MCNBC contributor Goldie Taylor.


Do you get the sense that the lid could blow next week in the intensity and sheer meanness in coverage of Herman Cain and the GOP contest by mainstream political media as surely everything media will hit back?

Sunday TV talk shows (11/16): Herman Cain’s harassment saga

POLITICO‘s Patrick Gavin, in TURN THE TABLE, a preview of the Sunday morning TV talk shows, talks to the major media talk show hosts about Herman Cain, the controversy concerning the sexual harassment accusations and the effect the saga will have in the upcoming GOP primary elections.

See VIDEO: Sidebar

It’s significant that Cain has maintained his standing in the polls under the weight of the negative publicity surrounding the accusations.

Also:  Jonathan Martin, “Herman Cain accuser attorney: Settlement dated 9/99, Kilgore signed,” Read POLITICO.COM  A 9/99 settlement? That’s spooky!

Herman Cain is on a roll with major media coverage, and has run the table this week on getting that coverage on all the major networks.

With the accuser declining to come forward, it looks like for now he will keep rolling and rolling along.