INFORMANT! INFORMANT! INFORMANT! George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin, obviously is an informant.

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George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman (Photo credit: Donkey Hotey)

Can there be any doubt?

Radio Station V-103 in Chicago [WVAZ Radio, "Today's R & B," 102.7 FM] reports (Quote):

According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison.

All three of those arrests, however, were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident.


And, George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17 year old, in cold blood more than 30 days ago, has yet to be arrested?

It’s not that he is the son of a retired judge.

It’s that he’s an informant, plain and simple, who has been protected by the authorities in Sanford, Florida, and who to this day is still being protected by them !!!

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MEDIA: Limbaugh’s charge in the GOP’s media assault on women-like Picket’s Charge at Gettysberg: “Lost Cause” II

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


As with the ill fated Picket’s Charge at the Battle of Gettysberg, Rush Limbaugh‘s Charge in the GOP‘s media assault on women is a suicidal attack doomed to fail with massive casualties in the ranks of conservative media men.


Limbaugh and the other white media males of his ilk just can’t stand it anymore.

Women are on the rise in business, in political power and in all aspects of media.

As time has gone by, what was regarded as the hollowed preserve of media dominated by him and other white men has diminished. And, before they even realize what has happened to what they have heretofore arrogantly regarded as their turf, that hollowed ground will be occupied fully by women.

So Rush, charge ahead as you will.

But, just like Major General George Pickett at Gettysburg, your efforts to attack and impede the progress of women will fail, and will go down in media history as  “Lost Cause” II.

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